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Canada Multiculturalism Immigrants and Citizenship †Free Samples

This is to be noted that two hundred traditional origins were marked in the Canadian population according to the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) (Schultz and Caroline). It is evident that the traditional origins had exceeded significantly one million marks. This is to be mentioned as per the report authorized by AMP that significant migrants of Canadahas arrived from China, United Kingdom and  New Zealand. It is also to be noted that as per the 2006 Census by the particular Statistics Canada,  783,795  Canadian populationrecognized as black, marked as 2.5% of the overall population of Canada (Owusu-Bempah and Wortley). This is clearly evident that 11% of the black population is recognized as the cross-race of the black and white. The term banana in ‘I’m Banana and Proud of It’ refers to the yellow outwardly and white inwardly. According to Choy, the Chinese who are born in the North America act and behave like the white people but they still look like the Asians and therefore they are given the nickname of banana. He comments that the other cultures also earns other nicknames as well, like for example, the Indians are often said ‘apples’   and the blacks are named as ‘Oreo cookies’. Where else, in Canada Multiculturalism immigrants and citizenship’, it is said that Canada offers the perfect idea of Multiculturalism comprised with significant co-existence of diverse and different cultures (Modood). This is to be mentioned that the diverse culture comprises ethnic, spiritual, or traditional groups and is established in accustomed practices, cultural conventions and ethical values, thought process, and significant communicative skills and practices. As per t he Canadian history, there is a clear and significant impact of European  culture and ethnicity, exclusively French  and British  on their culture by the individuality of the specific indigenous culture. This is to be noted that the important essentials of the cross-cultures of Canadian significant immigrant people have started playing a major role in the mainstream culture of Canada. Choy in his book reveal the very painful experiences of his parents that they endured while arriving in North America. His parents being belonging from the Chinese culture had faced racial bias from the people of North America. On the other side, Canada knows to identify and respect the significant society comprised with multiplicity and diversity among dialects, customs, and religious believes. This is to be noted that in the year1982  multiculturalism  was recognized and rewarded by the particular section 27 of the significant  Ã¢â‚¬ËœCanadian  Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ (Baldwin). The significant  Ã¢â‚¬ËœCanadian Multiculturalism  Act’ was passed by Brian Mulroney, the former Canadian Prime Minister at that time. This is to be mentioned that the  significant Canadian Multiculturalism Act  is known as a particular law, authorized in the year of 1988. This significant lawhas an objective to realm and enrich  multiculturalism specifically in Canada. According to the multiple historical records thesignificant centralized government, led byPierre Elliott Trudeau,the former Prime Minister  acknowledged in the year 1971 that Canada would accept cross-cultural policy (GgraÃ… ¾ulis, Vladimiras, and Vladimiras).It can be said that Canada  would acknowledge and appreciatethe significant diversity in languages, civilizations, religious faith in the Canadian Society. I’m banana and proud of it depicts the racial biases that people still suffers from while moving to some other nation and entering into their culture. However, Canada became significantly the first country in the entire world to adopt the practice multiculturalism as an official strategy in the year 1971 (Pfohman and Shannon). It is evident that the specificproclamationsignificantlyrefers to statement of former Prime Minister Trudeau in the  House of Commons of Canada on the 8th October 1971(Pacione and Darren). This is to be noted that this incident took place afternegotiation, the strategies of multiculturalism and bilingualism would be applied in Canada.  It is evident thatCanadian Multiculturalism Act (CMA) of 1988 was authorized as the outcome of this strategy statement(Hershey and Samantha). This is to be noted that Canada is playing a major role in order to executing the multicultural strategy as their official policy. The dedicated organization named Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is taking all the responsibilities related to thedevelopment of significant strategies and policies and handling specifically permanent and temporary abode visa, refugee security and citizenship submissions. They lead the significant refugees and immigrants to settle in Canada by the significant fund raising companies as the Canadian Caregivers Association  to offernew arrivals with significant and exclusive settlement events. These dedicatedcompanies are known as the significant service provider companies. Choy further acknowledges how the Chinese people risked their life during the Word War II by joining army and only after that they had gained the right to be the citizen of North America. He also considered the view point of the elders of china about the young generation of China who assimilated so very well into the life of North American. He claims that Chinese will never forget their roots as they look into the mirror, it always reflects back. He also pointed out the fact that they are been brainwashed by the lifestyle of North Americans. However, he realized that he is not from any of the world and he therefore tries to find out the foundation of his Chinese roots. And finally, he accepted that he is a banana and he is proud of being a Chinese. Hence, from the story ‘I’m banana and proud of it’ it can be analyzed that Wayson Choy argued   about the tough times his parents faced as an immigrant and first nation in Canada, whereas in ‘Canada Multiculturalism immigrants and citizenship’ Will Kymlicka argued that how Canada welcomes diversity spreading both its hands. Canada is known as one of the country marked by multiculturalism in the significant Western Government. They have already stated the example that immigration can be comprehended as significantly the first and foremost step to the citizenship. Canada has made people learn that the generosity of a country lies in the acceptance of an immigrant and transform the person into a citizen but the story of Choy differs from this. Aknin, Lara B., et al. "Prosocial spending and well-being: Cross-cultural evidence for a psychological universal."  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  104.4 (2013): 635. Baldwin, Caroline Maureen.  Canadian Roman Catholic Young Adults Who Persevered In Faith. Diss. 2015. Casella Colombeau, Sara. "Policing the internal Schengen borders–managing the double bind between free movement and migration control."  Policing and society  27.5 (2017): 480-493. GgraÃ… ¾ulis, Vladimiras, and Vladimirasmockien?. "Multiculturalism through the prism of history: experiences and perspectives and lessons to learn."  human resources management & ergonomics  11.1 (2017). Hershey, Samantha.  Ethical Pluralism and Informed Consent in Canadian Health Care: Exploring Accommodations and Limitations. MS thesis. University of Waterloo, 2017. Modood, Tariq. "Multiculturalism, interculturalisms and the majority."  Journal of Moral Education  43.3 (2014): 302-315. Owusu-Bempah, Akwasi, and Scot Wortley. "Race, crime, and criminal justice in Canada."  The oxford handbook of ethnicity, crime and immigration  (2014): 283-320. Pacione, Darren. "The FLQ trials, 1969-1971: judicial tensions and constitutional questions."  Quebec Studies  55 (2013): 101-118. Pfohman, Shannon.  A Comparison of the Situation of Bosnian Refugees in Berlin and Chicago. Diss. FreieUniversità ¤t Berlin, 2014. Schultz, Caroline. "Mapping of Population Diversity in Canada and Germany: Different Strategies, Similar Pragmatism."  Review of European and Russian Affairs  11.1 (2017). Getting academic assistance from

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